Zinc Sulfide

Zinc Sulfide (ZnS)

Produced using the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process, Vital Materials provides both multispectral (visible through 3-5µm and 8-12µm IR ranges) Zinc Sulfide and regular IR grade Zinc Sulfide lenses and blanks. IR Zinc Sulfide lenses display a high level of index of refraction homogeneity and offers imaging uniformity across the 8-12µm waveband. Due to its excellent transmission in the visible thru infrared wavebands, a multispectral (MS) ZnS lens is the ideal choice for systems utilizing various sensors such as visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR or LWIR.

The multi-spectral zinc sulfide is converted from the CVD zinc sulfide through hot isostatic pressing treatment. It is characterized with low absorption rate and wide transmission range from the visible wave band to the long-wave infrared band. At the same time, because of its good permeability in the visible infrared wave band range and the resistance to extreme conditions, the multi-spectral zinc sulfide window materials may be used for sensors and guiding systems and external window materials in aviation applications. Vital Materials can customize different sizes of zinc sulfide materials, lenses, large diameter domes, and evaporation materials according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Physical Properties ZnS MS ZnS
Density, (g/cm3) 4.08 4.09
Hardness, (kg/mm2)
(Vickers 200 gm load)
210-240 150-165
Young's Modulus, (Gpa) 74.5 85.5
Optical Properties ZnS MS ZnS
Max Transmittance 1 μm - 73.30%
Max Transmittance 10 μm 70.00% 75.30%
Wavelength, μm Refractive Index
Refractive Index
10 2.2 2.2