Evaporation Materials

Evaporation Materials

Vital Materials provides a wide range of high-quality evaporation materials which offers you the best solution for your individual application. Features like high purity, optimized melting properties, as well as low-spitting during pre-melt and processing allow you to coat complex layer stacks with low defects and high yield.

If you don’t find the best-suited standard product in our portfolio, we can customize our products to the required shape and purity. All our products pass continuous quality tests and controls including coating tests.

All our products are supplied with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as well as Certificate of Conformity (COC) or Certificate of Analysis (COA), relevant to the lot number supplied.

Our product range includes precious metals, high purity metals, metal alloys, fluorides, oxides and sulphides shaped in granules, tablets, shots or disks.

Vital Materials provides a full range of the minor metal products. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for more information.