Thermal Imaging Silicon

Silicon (Si)

Silicon is grown by Czochralski (CZ) pulling techniques. CZ Silicon is commonly used as substrate material for infrared reflectors and windows in the 1.5 – 8 micron region. The strong absorption band at 9 microns makes it unsuitable for CO2 laser transmission applications, but it is frequently used for laser mirrors because of its high thermal conductivity and low density. Silicon is widely used in detector/sensor devices, MEMS fabrication, opto-electronic components, integrated circuits and solar cells.

Vital Materials specializes in supplying a number of forms and sizes to meet our customers' requirements at a reasonable price. By doping with Boron (P-type) and Phosphorus (N-type), we made our Silicon products ideal for optical use because of its resistivity and broad transmission range.

Physical Properties
Density, (g/cm3)  2.33
Knoop Hardness, (kg/mm2)  1100
Young's Modulus, (Gpa)  130.91
Wavelength Refractive Index
10 3.418