VITAL announces today the completion of the acquisition of 5N Plus Belgium

Guangzhou December 19th 2022 - The Vital group (“VITAL”) announces today the completion of the acquisition of 5N Plus Belgium, located in Tilly, Belgium. The transaction will strengthen VITAL's position in the European market and enhance its capability to produce, recycle and deliver specialty metals and their compounds to customers around the world. The acquired entity has been renamed Vital Materials Belgium (“VMBE”) and will integrate into VITAL's Functional Materials Division. 

The site of Tilly holds a long history of industrial and metallurgical manufacturing. In the past, the site hosted different activities in glass and enamel production. Recently, the industrial activity was focused on bismuth metal and bismuth derivatives. The Tilly site has always been recognized as a center of knowledge and excellence, both on manufacturing and commercialization of metal derivatives. With the full support from Vital group, VMBE aims to become an agile and diversified company, well-positioned to meet the demands of the customers and to drive growth throughout the industry. As a local service center, VMBE will be able to respond quickly to the market, reduce shipping time and carbon footprint, and generate more opportunities for recycling and closed loop business solutions. VITAL will provide stability in metal supply, metallurgical know-how and global business performance.

VMBE will be fully integrated with VITAL's other industrial and commercial operations in Europe and throughout the world. Significant synergies have already been identified in order to take the activities in Tilly to a new level.

For any question, please contact Jan Vermeylen, Vice President at Vital Materials, or the site directly at following address: 

Vital Materials Belgium SA

Rue de la station 67

B-1495 Tilly


T +32 71 87 88 21