Vital has acquired the industrial site of PPM Pure Metals GmbH

January 04, 2021

Vital Materials Co., Ltd. (“VITAL”) has acquired the industrial site of PPM Pure Metals GmbH at Langelsheim, Lower Saxony, Germany on December 18, 2020.

VITAL will operate the assets through a newly established subsidiary, ‘Vital Pure Metal Solutions GmbH’ (“VPMS”), which will be led by Jan Vermeylen, VP of Sustainable Sourcing & Recycling. VPMS will be fully integrated into VITAL’s global network and businesses as a platform to provide sales and recycling solutions to the global customer base.

 “With VITAL’s state-of-the-art clean technology available on the PPM industrial site, we are now able to offer a broad range of services in Europe, thereby eliminating unnecessary movement of materials and reducing the lead times and the overall ecological footprint,” says Jan Vermeylen, “The first priority is to restart the assets, which we have prepared thoroughly over the last months. In a second phase, we will expand the capacity and service portfolio, and this will come with further investment, employment and contribution to the local economy.”

VPMS is ideally situated in the center of Europe, in a region with centuries of tradition in metal processing, and will serve as the cost-efficient and reactive distribution center that VITAL has been planning to establish outside China. VPMS is fully licensed for processing and recycling of various complex materials, including hazardous materials, and will be providing unparalleled closed-loop services to its business partners, in line with the regulations and standards in place.

Together with VITAL’s ongoing smelter projects in China and its recent Fanya inventory purchase, this acquisition will re-enforce VITAL’s position as the world’s most competitive, vertically integrated closed-loop solution provider for minor metals, while holding the commitment to sustainable development and minimizing the ecological impact.