Vital Materials manufactures a variety of products used in medical applications such as medical imaging, pharmaceuticals, and dental alloys.
Medical Imaging

The influence of medical imaging in healthcare is constantly growing. Diseases are detected earlier and treatments have become more effective. When its usage is expanded beyond the field of diagnostics to enter the areas of prevention and therapy, it can significantly contribute to lowering costs in healthcare on a global scale. For example, BGO crystal is now an important detection material widely used in the PET - CT equipment.

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Minor metals also have important applications in the pharmaceutical industry. They can be used as a drug remedy for cancer, gastrointestinal problems, keratitis, and so on .They also can be used as antioxidants or catalysts for drug synthesis. For example, bismuth medicine can be used to treat gastrointestinal problems, in that is antidiarrheal, anticorrosive, absorbs toxins, bacterias, and viruses, and forms a thin layer of protective film in the intestinal mucosa wound.

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Bi Chemicals

Indium Alloy in Dentistry

Indium is also used in dental alloys and in white gold alloys. Dentures, for example, are made of gold, silver, palladium, and 0.5%~10% indium. Adding a small amount of metal indium into dental filling materials can significantly improve corrosion resistance and the hardness of the fill material.

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